MASTER Plastic Polyester Body Filler 1L


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MASTER Plastic Polyester Body Filler

2-component flexible polyester putty designed for car repairs. Especially recommended for repairing plastic body parts exposed to vibrations. It shows very good adhesion to most types of plastics. Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, protects the repaired surface against cracking.


  • Very good adhesion to plastic.
  • Exceptionally high flexibility.
  • Good sanding properties.
  • Very smooth surface after sanding.


The product has very good adhesion to all outer plastic panels (PP, EPDM, ABS, PC, PPO, PA, RTPU, PBTP, PVC, PUR, PUR soft foam, UP-GF).

Before applying, the surface should be well cleaned with an abrasive needled cloth and degreased with detergent and water (do not use benzene based removers as they can dissolve the surface). Wash again using water and detergent, rinse with pure water and dry with air.

It is recommended to heat the element to 50°C before starting application. This will help remove any silicone from the plastic surface.

Caution:  Do not apply the putty directly on the reactive primers, 1K acrylic and nitrocellulose products.

Technical data sheet TDS Safety data sheet – component A Safety data sheet – component B