MASTER Amber Polyester Body Filler 1L


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MASTER Amber Polyester Body Filler

Multifunctional lightweight polyester body filler for fast car body repair. Combines high filling and finishing qualitites in one product. Ideal for the repair of medium and small damages. Thanks to its light weight can be applied on large surfaces, ensuring smooth finish and easy sanding.


  • Very smooth surface after sanding
  • Exceptional quality and fast sanding
  • Creamy consistency
  • Ideal for creating shapes
  • Low density allows the application on lage surfaces


Product shows very good adhesion to different substrates. It can be applied on:

  • Steel and aluminum after matting and degreasing
  • Zinc-coated steel after matting and degreasing
  • Sanded glass fibre-polyester laminates (GFK/GRP), polyester body fillers and putties, acrylic primers and nitrocellulose

Technical data sheet TDS Safety data sheet – component A  Safety data sheet – component B