SATA Vision 2000 Kit


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SATA Vision 2000 Kit


1. SATA The Vision 2000 Hood

Vision 2000 hood is a type C continuous flow supplied air respirator with full  face shield. 

Adjustable headband provides comfortable wearing.

Wide field of vision, the full hood protection, and single pane, non-glare anti-static visor will be appreciated for painters with reasonable beard length, mustaches or eyeglasses. 

Linings and sweatband is easy replaced.

Easy to remove the hood between coating.

2. SATA Charcoal Belt Unit

SATA activated charcoal absorber belt unit is an auxiliary filter that purifies the air and removes any odor or hydrocarbon vapor.

Airflow is regulated with a throttle valve.

An airflow gauge is mounted on the belt unit to visually monitor correct airflow setting.