SATA Vision 2000 Kit 2


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SATA Vision 2000 Kit 2 with The Vision 2000 Hood, Charcoal Belt, and Air Hose 1.2m


1. SATA The Vision 2000 Hood

  • Vision 2000 hood is a type C continuous flow supplied air respirator with full  face shield. 
  • Adjustable headband provides comfortable wearing.
  • Wide field of vision, the full hood protection, and single pane, non-glare anti-static visor will be appreciated for painters with reasonable beard length, mustaches or eyeglasses. 
  • Linings and sweatband is easy replaced.
  • Easy to remove the hood between coating.

2. SATA Charcoal Belt Unit

  • SATA activated charcoal absorber belt unit is an auxiliary filter that purifies the air and removes any odor or hydrocarbon vapor.
  • Airflow is regulated with a throttle valve.
  • An airflow gauge is mounted on the belt unit to visually monitor correct airflow setting. 

3. SATA Air hose 1.2 m

  • Connection hose when using air supplied respirator systems and gravity flow cup spray guns
  • To be interconnected between belt unit (activated charcoal absorber or used belt unit) and spray gun
  • Silicone-free
  • Flexible
  • Completely mounted with quick coupling and nipple
  • Inner diameter 9 mm for sufficient air supply of the spray gun