ARP PREMIUM Masking Tape


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ARP PREMIUM Masking Tape 

Washi is a tape uniformly coated with acrylic adhesive with unique features.

It takes its name from Washi – a paper first made in Japan.

Although thin, due to its texture, it has an excellent tape-on-tape performance and is suitable for fine and straight lines in automotive and professional housing applications.

Color: Green

Quantity: 24 per box

Available sizes:

  1. (3/4″) x 50m / 24 pcs per box
  2. (1½”) x 50m / 24 pcs per box

 Unique characteristics:

  •  It does not tear when peeled.
  •  It presents perfect wet removability at 15’, 30’ and 60’ minutes after application of paint on walls.
  •  It has excellent oven resistance and does not change colour or leave adhesive residue.
  •  It gives excellent paint break line.


  • Adhesive layer
  • Acrylic water-based adhesive
  • Backing
  • Washi (Japanese flat paper)