3M 6656 Masking tape (2″) x 55m


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3M 6656 Masking Tape (2″) x 55m / 24 pack

  • Automotive Refinish Masking Tape is a yellow crepe paper tape designed specifically for the critical paint masking processes used in the collision repair industry.
  • Proprietary rubber-based adhesive delivers instant adhesion to all vehicle surfaces, has good holding power that allows for fast and efficient application.
  • The specially-treated paper backing offers solvent and moisture resistance that minimizes bleed through
  • ┬áDelivers a controlled unwind that makes tape easier to handle.
  • The semi-smooth backing is thin and conformable so it produces sharp, clean, quality paint jobs.
  • With its balanced construction the tape sticks, stays and removes cleanly. It is an efficient masking tool that helps save time and money.