SATA Filter Series 200


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SATA Filter Series 200

Combi fine filter unit. Easy to maintain. Economical.
The SATA Filter Series 200 stands as a testament to innovation and reliability in air filtration technology. Economical combi fine filter unit for the highest air quality requirements in paint application and air-supplied breathing systems. This is for installation in spray booths, prep decks, and other workshop areas.

  • SATA filter 284 | triple-stage combi  sintered filter/fine filter/activated charcoal filter, pressure regulator, outlet module (2x air coupling/nipple 9 mm)
  • SATA filter 244 | double-stage combi  sintered filter/fine filter, pressure regulator, outlet module (2 x air coupling/nipple 9 mm)
  • SATA filter 264 | single-stage activated charcoal filter

Product Benefits
Excellent compressed air quality – removes oil, water and particles
User-friendly and easy to maintain
Activated charcoal cartridge (third filter stage) removes oil vapours from the breathing air
2,000 Nl/min air flow – sufficient air volume to supply two spray guns simultaneously with both clean spraying air and breathing air
Air inlet: G 1/2″ female thread; Air outlet: 1/4″ male thread

Technical Information
Packaging unit                                                   1,0 Pieces
Net weight                                                          1,206 – 5,868 kg
Max. inlet air pressure                                     10,0 bar
Max. air outlet pressure                                   10,0 bar
Number of filter stages                                     1 – 3
Max. airflow                                                        2000 Nl/min
Max. ambient temperature                             +60 – +120 °C
Exchange interval first filter stage                 6 Months
Exchange interval second filter stage            6 Months
Exchange interval third filter stage                3 Months