Brayt T4 Protect Liquid


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Brayt T4 emulsion for surface refreshment, leaves invisible protective layer against impurities. Extends the freshness of the clear coat in 40-50%, decreases impurities on the car body up to 70-80%. Product might be used to protect varnished surfaces, gelcoats and polycarbonates. T4 has also light abrasive properties what allows to remove small defects and holograms. Suitable to gelcoats and each type of clear coats (acrylic, water based, bicomponent and fabric coatings), also on ceramic scratch resistant coatings. Enhances gloss, prevents the oxidation of the varnish, protects against UV rays, acid rain, resin. To achieve high gloss without the mist and holograms, soft foam is dedicated.

  • Cut level 2/10
  • Gloss level 10/10


  • Protects the surface min. for 6 months
  • Can work on each type of surface
  • Water based product
  • Very easy application
  • Contains UV filters
  • Dedicated to manual and mechanical work


  • manual work
  • mechanical work (dual action polisher)

Application process