Brayt T1 Strong Polishing compound


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BRAYT T1 STRONG is a polishing compound dedicated to all types of varnish used in automotive and industry sector, including hard scratch resistant coatings (e.g. ceramic). Product is recommended to fresh polymerized coats and for old paint coatings. Removes easily scratches and sanding traces (abrasive paper 1500). Doesn’t contain fillers and silicones.

  • Cut level 8/10
  • Gloss level 8/10


  • Removes abrasive paper P1500 defects
  • Works with all applicators
  • Can work on any surfaces
  • Does not contain fillers
  • Can work on fresh and fully polymerized surfaces
  • Very easy to apply
  • Possibility to work mechanically and manually


  • manual work
  • mechanical work (rotary polisher, dual action polisher)