NPT U-Seal 550FC


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U-Seal 550FC High thixotropy, fast curing one-part polyurethane elastic adhesive and sealant, which is PVC-free and odorless

  • One-component polyurethane
  • Cold applied
  • Wide spectrum of adhesion
  • Non-sag, exceptional thixotropy and short cut-off string
  • Bonds and seals at the same time
  • Very fast curing through volume
  • Over-paintable, even in a short time, with many water and solvent based paints (preliminary tests recommended)
  • Can be easily tooled, brushed and smoothed
  • Capable of withstanding high dynamic stresses
  • Permanently flexible
  • Vibration and sound dampening properties

U-Seal 550 FC is a one component, very fast curing, flexible polyurethane adhesive and sealant for industrial assembly, fabrication and repair of automotive bodies. Thanks to its thixotropy and excellent consistency, it meets the most stringent industrial sealing and bonding requirements. Thanks to a special formula, it is completely odorless. The product can be easily brushed and sanded to match the original markings and give the seam its original appearance. Applications U-Seal 550 FC is suitable for sealing seams such as welds, laps in all interior vehicle bodies and painted metal sheets, including reproduction of original brush marks, simple and demanding bonding, as well as for vibration reduction and sound insulation. Car body repair and body building activities. Suitable substrates are metals, primers and paints for metal (2-c systems), painted plastics.