SATAjet 3000 K


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Robust. Low maintenance. Ergonomic.

With this high-performance paint spray gun designed for tanks or pump systems, you can achieve high-quality paint jobs on large surfaces. The stretched spray fan with the finest material atomization produces a perfect surface quality with homogeneous paint flow. The robustness, low maintenance requirements, and ergonomic balance of the SATAjet 3000 K are ideal prerequisites for continuous use in industry and trade.

Product Benefits:

  • Processing of all paint systems with sprayable viscosity
  • All material passages are made of stainless steel and are, therefore, corrosion-resistant
  • Extremely sturdy version with axial round/flat spray control
  • Ergonomically balanced, easy handling of the control elements

Suitable areas of application:

  • Car refinishing
  • Industrial painting
  • Carpentry
  • Decorative painting
  • Yacht and boat building

Technical data:                               RP                                                 HVLP

Inlet pressure                                        35 psi                                               35 psi

Air consumption at 35 psi bar           15.2cfm                                            19.8 cfm

Sprat distance:                                      17 cm-21 cm                                    10 cm-15 cm

Material connection:                           3/8″ male thread                            3/8″ male thread

SATA adam compatibility                   Yes                                                    Yes

Quick connection                                  Yes                                                    Yes