MASTER Anticorrosive High Filling Premium Primer


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MASTER Anticorrosive High Filling Premium Primer

New generation acrylic primer with anticorrosive and filling properties. Product is characterized by good adhesion to metal and plastic. It is fast drying and easy to sand. Can be coated with most conventional car paints, including waterbased lacquers*. Aerosol fan nozzle is used for optimal spraying.

*Compatibility test is recommended.


  • Surface to be treated must be carefully cleaned from rust, dirt, dust and old paint.
  • Shake before using for 2-3minutes and try it on a cardboard.
  • During application hold aerosol with a 20 cm distance from surface.
  • Best temperature for application is between 150C and 250C.
  • Apply in several layers (max. 6 in 15 minute intervals) depending on the need an isolating or filling primer (it is better to apply several thinner layers then one thick coating).
  • After applying each layer, allow it to dry thoroughly until it becomes completely matt.
  • Clean the spray nozzle after use! – Hold the can with the valve pointing downward, press the button emptying the content for about 5 seconds.

Caution: For safety reasons always follow the information provided in the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Sandability: Depending on the temperature, humidity, ventilation and layer thickness, the surface can be sanded by hand after approx. 15 minutes (P320 – P600).

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