TROTON Rust Filler Epoxy Spray


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is a rust converter and primer in one, produced on the basis of high quality epoxy resin. A formulation with strong anti-corrosion properties. Forming a uniform coating, it provides excellent protection against the harmful effects of atmospheric agents. It has priming properties for top coats. Due to the large number of paints and varnishes present on the market, a compatibility test is recommended. The product is characterized by high resistance to solvents, does not contain heavy metals and mineral acids.


The product is compatible with all standard primers, putties and varnishes (except 1K nitro-diluted products).

  • The best temperature for aerosol application is 10 ÷ 25°C.
  • Shake the can for about 3 minutes before application.
  • The surface should be cleaned of rust, dirt and loose paint and degreased before covering.
  • When applying, hold the aerosol at a distance of 25 ÷ 30 cm from the surface to be covered.
  • Apply 3 – 4 layers of the product, depending on the degree of corrosion.
  • Heating the element after the application of the product will increase its protective properties. Leave the applied coating 15 minutes to dry then warm up for 15 minutes at max. 160°C.
  • It is recommended to set the aerosol with the valve down and press the button releasing the content for about 5 seconds – this will improve the re-use of the product and preserve its existing properties, as well as protect the nozzle from possible clogging.

Note: for safety purposes, always follow the data on the Material Safety Data Sheet for the product.

Drying time*:

  • dust-dry after about 1 hour
  • ready to cover after approx. 6 hours
  • at 20°C and 50% relative humidity

Technical data sheet TDS Safety data sheet SDS