MASTER ML Cavity Wax


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MASTER ML Cavity Wax 

Maintenance agent for closed car body profiles

One-component product based on wax and impregnating agents designed to protect closed car body profiles (e.g., doors, bonnets, sills) against corrosion. It has good penetrating properties into the cracks and displaces moisture from the surfaces. It forms a flexible, tight coating that protects against water and salt. Does not react with varnish coatings.


  • The surface to be covered must be clean, dry, dust-free, degreased and clean.
  • Shake the package before use.
  • Introduce the product into the closed spaces of the car body through special holes, using an air gun, at a pressure of 3-6 bar.
  • Clean contaminated surfaces and fixtures with fresh products using solvents such as white spirit. The cured product can only be removed mechanically.

Note: for safety purposes, always follow the data in the Material Safety Data Sheet for the product