TROTON Mini RFD 3″ x R Ceramic Plus


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TROTON Mini RFD 3″ Type R Ceramic Plus

Quantity: 25 pcs

TROTON Mini RFD 3″ x R Ceramic Plus are high-quality ceramic grinding wheels designed for various grinding and finishing tasks. Manufactured using high-quality ceramic particles, they possess unique strength and efficiency when working with a wide range of materials.

With a diameter of 3 inches, these wheels are ideal for precise work and accessing narrow or hard-to-reach areas. These ceramic wheels are suitable for both professional and home use.

The TROTON Mini RFD grinding wheels provide high performance and precision during grinding, ensuring fast and efficient material removal without excessive heat generation. They also feature minimal dust formation and a long service life, making them an economically advantageous choice for grinding tasks.

Thanks to their reliability and productivity, TROTON Mini RFD 3″ x R Ceramic Plus ceramic grinding wheels will become an indispensable tool for all types of surface processing tasks.