TROTON Flap Ceramic Wheels 40 Grit 115mm x 22mm


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TROTON Flap Ceramic Wheels 40 Grit, 115mm x 22mm, 4-1/2 x 7/8 Inch (10 pcs)

Ceramic grains offer special advantageous properties that make them the longest lasting and fastest cutting.

  • Ceramic grains are “self-sharpening”, their molecular structure causes them to fracture in a way that continuously produces sharp cutting edges. It’s totally different from normal aluminum oxide and zirconium.
  • These ceramic grains have a cool grinding feature which reduces heat buildup during use. Protecting the work piece from overheating.
  • The ceramic grains are “Contaminant Free”, means they contain least iron, sulfur or chlorine. This best prevents metal work pieces from rust and corrosion.

Pad size: 115 X 22mm

Box Qty:  10 pcs